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„STIVAN has turned into a synonym of quality!
Our goals are to offer to our clients only the best
on the Bulgarian market as we value the high technological
production and the quality of the materials.
We have established partnerships with companies from
Bulgaria, France, Holland, Turkey and Italy.
Stivan OOD is a Bulgarian company specializing in the production of sports and casual
clothes. The company was founded in 1992 as ET Ivan Tenev. Due to development and
market extension, the company acquired the present name – STIVAN OOD.

STIVAN has its own factory.
Except for the production and office areas,
the company also maintains sports
facilities having a pitch for mini football.
We support the development of the
children’s sport activities in Haskovo region.

STIVAN OOD has a long experience in the production of professional sports clothing.The company
produces the sportswear of many European teams in football, rugby, water polo, handball, volleyball,
basketball, cycling and others. We have been working successfully and for a long time with clubs
from all around Europe.STIVAN makes tracksuits of Bulgarian teams in Haskovo, Sofia, Varna, Kardzhali
as well, taking also care of their fans sportswear. The Bulgarian military parts in Afghanistan and
the Paralympic national team also trusted our company.

With a view to its development, STIVAN has created a trade name S-LINE. It made the quality of the
sportswear accessible to the free market. We transferred the comfort and the confidence which were
a priority of the professional sportsmen only, into the daily clothing of the Bulgarian people. We
offer new models each season. All people can appreciate the esthetics and comfort of S-LINE. We
offer men’s, women’s and children’s wear.

City Shop adress
Veliko Tarnovo
Gorna Oriahovitsa
Gotse Delchev
Blvd. Miladinov brothers; Olimp - Buldozzer shop
Patriarh Evtimii 26 pl. Qntcho Bletsov
Tergovska 35 - Factor shop
Complex Slaveikov - shopping center Prestige; shop 9, base Pirgos Plod - shop 28, Debelt 1 - Sportwear
D-r. Paskiuliev 30 - Runners shop
St. Kiril and Methodii 1 - Sport world
Bul. Slavianski 26 - Boomerang shop
Vasil Levski 2 - Kami shop
Highway 31 - Diamond shop
Vitcho Granchov 10 - Max Mark
Gen. Kardov 134 - Iveta shop
St. Zvancharska 6 - Sportwear / Milan Kostov 3 - Sportwear
Bazzar Ilianci - shop 24, 25, 28
GUM Dupnitsa - Sportwear
Verso shop